GpsDump 5.x

This is the program to be used for the international flightlog and the Norwegian xc-league.

Download track logs from many Garmin models, MLR, CoMo, Log_It/MuzzyLoggeR/GPS Tracklogger, Top Navigator / XC Trainer, Brauniger/Flytec models, Digifly Graviter, Digifly Leonardo, CPilot, Flymaster, DSX series, MTK/Pentagram, Ascent, Syride SYS'Nav and Syride. Magellan models are also supported (SporTrack), but I have not received much feedback on which models that works.

Upload/download waypoints to/from Garmin models, MLR, Brauniger/Flytec models, Top Navigator / XC Trainer, Flymaster and Syride.

Latest version

Version 5.24 (exe).

Previous versions:

Version 5.23 (exe).

Version 5.22 (exe).

Version 5.21 (exe).

Version 5.20 (exe).

Version 5.19 (exe).

Version 5.18 (exe).

Version 5.17 (exe).

Version 5.16 (exe).

Version 5.15 (exe).

Version 5.14 (exe).

Version 5.13 (exe).

Version 5.12 (exe).

Version 5.11 (exe).

Version 5.10 (exe).

Version 5.09 (exe).

Version 5.08 (exe).

Version 5.07 (exe).

Version 5.06 (exe).

Version 5.05 (exe).

Version 5.04 (exe).

Version 5.03 (exe).

Version 5.02 (exe).

Version 5.01 (exe).

Version 5.00 (exe).